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Beaded Gifts From South Africa

Kendrick Imports orders Beaded Gifts

Beaded gifts from South Africa will soon be available at

Blue Gecko Beaded animal

Blue Gecko Beaded animal

Whilst in South Africa recently we met up with a talented craftsman from Zimbabwe called Owen. Owen was working in South Africa as he could not make a living in Zimbabwe at the moment.

We loved Owen’s optimistic outlook on life and his determination to succeed despite his position. We brought back samples of his work and have shown them to lots of our suppliers who have all LOVED them.

Handmade green beaded gecko

Handmade green beaded gecko

This week we have placed an order with Owen for his ethically and fairly traded beaded gekkos and mobiles. They are all totally hand made by Owen and his team and are providing much needed work and therefore income to them all.

These African gifts will be available through the website when they arrive with us under our new iAfrika range. We envisage this range to be made up of products we find on our travels and promise you they will all be ethically and fairly traded as well as being hand-made.

Until these new African crafts arrive with us why not take a look at our current diverse range of gifts at

3 Responses to “Beaded Gifts From South Africa”

  1. tremendous idea

  2. As the leading online seller of African beaded animals, there is no doubt these critters are amazing and popular!

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