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Insect Repellent Review

We wanted to say thanks to the guys and girls at for their review about the range of Bug Geroff products for insect and bug repellent. As we have said before, we use all of our own products ourselves and can only recommend them from true experience so it is very pleasing to hear that the people on the ground (Bush craft enthusiasts, trackers, hunters and also, more importantly the people of Africa) use Bug Geroff as a tried and tested product.

So here is the exact review, including other brands, similar to our own insect repellent:

“When testing the repellents, our team had just one criterion to measure the effectiveness – did they get bitten? All of the repellents worked to varying degrees, some wearing off more quickly than others, whilst others were not as effective against all of the biting insects encountered.
We all preferred the natural products to those with high DEET content, though it is indisputable that the high DEET products do work well and are certainly worth looking at if travelling abroad to areas where you are at risk from malaria.
Overall, we found that the pump sprays make for simple clean application. The wipes were good but if you have any stubble you run the risk of looking like Santa Claus…
Out of all of the products tried the favourites were:

The favourite from the Ben’s Products was the Natural Pump Spray.
It has a very nice sweet citrus smell, is easy to apply in pump form, dries non-greasy and works well.
The whole range worked well and we did like the inclusion of a sun protection factor.
Mozzy Off
Despite initially smelling terrible, Mozzy Off works fantastically well; nothing will even land on you whilst you are wearing it. Highly recommended, despite the smell.
Bug Geroff
This range worked well but we were particularly impressed with the Wrist Strap & Oil – 3 drops on the leather strap and, surprisingly, we were left alone. If wearing shorts it would be worth having one on your ankle too, for a completely effective solution!

Visit the link to Bush Craft Magazine at the top of this post for more topical and informative reviews, write ups and pictures or contact us for further information.

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  1. Hey, cool tips. Perhaps I’ll buy a bottle of beer to that person from that chat who told me to go to your blog 🙂

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