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Kendrick Imports leave Mpumalanga… for now

Mpumalanga means place where the sun rises. It is a province in the East of South Africa and is the home of the brands Rogue, Bug Geroff and Worx of Africa. Here in “the place where the sun rises” strong boots, a wide brimmed hat and effective insect repellent are all essentials. All of these necessities for a trip to South Africa have been developed in Mpumalanga to meet those needs and are available from

We are heading back to UK and leaving via the wonderful KPMIA (Kruger Park Mpumalanga International Airport). The airport has a huge beautiful thatched roof and there are about 20 flights out of the airport each day!! Not exactly a very busy airport, more a very friendly airstrip! A great way to start a trip to the Lowveld, and I can think of much worse ways to end one! If you get the chance whilst visiting South Africa, make sure you include a flight to land there!



We are returning full of enthusiasm for the new products we have found which includes a new range of wooden tableware called the Firewood range from Worx of Africa, additional boots from Rogue and an array of unusual one –off products we are calling the iAfrika Range.

Look out on the website for the new boots, firewood range and all new iAfrika products

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