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Swazi Candles – Fairly Traded African Gifts and Accessories

Kendrick Imports in Swaziland

During a recent trip to Swaziland we visited the famous “Swazi Candles” . Swazi Candles is situated in the Malkerns Valley in the Kingdom of Swaziland. They have been producing handmade candles since 1981 and have a wonderful set up.

Swazi Candles is a very friendly place with music playing whilst the people work. The shop is attached to a small workshop where you can see how the candles are made. We met Abraham there who told us he had worked at Swazi Candles for ten years. He happily showed us how he made the candles which come in a massive range of shapes and sizes from elephants to eggs!

Abraham from Swazi Candles

Abraham from Swazi Candles

Abraham had a warming cabinet in front of him, rather like a hostess trolley! He had square pieces of white wax in there to warm. He took a piece out and moulded it in to a ball with his hands. He then took a square of coloured/patterned wax from the warmer and skilfully moulded it around the ball he had formed. He then proceeded to shape the ball into an elephant using only his hands, a pencil and a knife!

Finished Candles

Finished Candles

Once the candle was finished it was placed in a bowl of cool water for twenty minutes to harden.

Candles cooling

Candles cooling

Lucy & Em were offered the chance to make their own candles. Abraham gave them each a square of wax and then coached them through the process of shaping! It was much more difficult than it looked and the girls had to work quickly before the wax became cool and too hard to work with!

Candle making with Lu and Em

Candle making with Lu and Em

After a bit of extra help from Abraham, Lucy & Em had finished candles, Em’s in the shape of a dophin and Lucy’s in the shape of a heart!

The finished candles

The finished candles

We all really enjoyed Swazi Candles and especially meeting Abraham.

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