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Natural insect repellent from South Africa

This insect repellent is DEET FREE. No nasty chemicals just natural ingredients. Bug-Geroff has been developed in an area known as the Lowveld in South Africa where effective insect repellent is essential. So it really works!

BugGeroff is an all natural product but differs from other natural insect repellents on the market in that its active ingredient is Tagetes oil, a product extracted from the African Khaki Bush plant.

The Khaki Bush is planted by African farmers next to crops as it is a natural repellent and keeps harmful insects away.

Bug-Geroff has been formulated and blended by professional chemists and is produced in South Africa by a renowned pharmaceutical company.

Bug-Geroff is an effective, all natural way of repelling insects. It is completely safe to use on sensitive skin and for young children or babies. It is also safe for pregnant women to use The essential oils used in all products are citronella, geranium and lemongrass, which in themselves are effective insect repellents. However, the main active ingredient which makes the product so effective is Tagetes oil. Together these natural substances form a formidable deterrent.

This product is widely used throughout African countries where insect repellents are needed to safeguard against malaria. The product range includes soap, a spray, a gel and a cream, as well as a nifty wrist / ankle strap impregnated with oil.

For holiday makers the travel pack includes a soap, spray and cream in a plastic drawstring travel bag. Available at

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