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Monkey Apples

What are monkey apples?

Monkey apples are the natural dried fruit that come from the Strychnos family of plants which are found in South Africa.

Strychnos fruits are almost spherical and turn yellow when they are ripe. They are fleshy inside their thick woody shells. The fruit has a citrus fragrance.

Collection: The fruits are hand picked by previously disadvantaged groups, with a permit from the Department of Environmental Affairs.

Processing: The fruits are dried and processed at the factory premises in White River, South Africa. The processing includes drying, skinning, sanding, decorating and polishing of the fruit.

The seeds are collected and seedlings are being re-introduced into nature to ensure that there will be future harvesting opportunities as well as to protect the number of trees in nature.

African Worx has several thousand of these trees under cultivation, to ensure the sustainability of the resource. The trees are given to villagers who can then sell the fruits back to African Worx, thereby creating employment opportunities.

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Monkey apples

Monkey apples


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